• Terence Leclere

    Actor, Entertainer,
    Immersive Person,
    TEDx Speaker, Host & Producer

  • Entertainer Lebenskünstler.

    "There's the world that exists, and the reality you create"


    immersive person; actor performing live, on screens, and in VR 🎭


    Founder, CEO of #metaforyou,

    a company that provides immersive interactive services to clients for events

    via talent, content, and consultation. #️⃣

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    Terence Leclere is an actor, an immersive person who communes by extemporaneous expression in moment to moment realities, imbued with his studies at William Esper Studios NY and The Second City TCLA, and honed through many lives lived in live performances around the world.

    ...and he loves coffee☕️

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    Watch Terence's TEDx talk on immersive here!


    Known as a prolific performer in the Los Angeles Immersive Theater community and in VR, he also performs and provides immersive interactive services via his company #metaforyou.

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    TL’s poems have been published by /performed live with The Poetry Society of New York, Red Light Lit, Angels Flight, The Poetry Brothel and more at festivals, theatrical venues and anywhere else a poet can perform, as himself and under the noms de plume Jacques Used and E.S.L.iot. He also hosts and performs with guests improvised poetry show One Night Ennui.

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    TL has always loved and mostly played music, and in this new podcast he explores with artists the first fledgling steps to songwriting and just being able to call yourself a musician or someone who plays music, or whatever: Rawkwardness

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    TL has been lucky enough to work with various companies and clients in devising and creating experiences of all kinds, and is always down to talk "immersive." Contact him with the form below if you seek immersive consultation.

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    "He's the Tom Cruise of immersive theatre"*

    - Darren Lynn Bousman


    *although these days Terence is more like the Ted Lasso of immersive theatre, via his company #metaforyou


    No Proscenium:

    The Immersive 5 interview

    Terence talks with Noah Nelson about his company #metaforyou on the No Proscenium Podcast

    Terence talks more with Noah Nelson about his company #metaforyou and immersive interactive theater on the No Proscenium Podcast

    stalwart of the Los Angeles immersive theatre scene, Terence Leclere... provides a warm, meta-welcome to the experience."

    "Leclere has a way of speaking that’s simply hypnotic; his poetic, dulcet tones quickly put me at ease...

    Terence talks TEMPEST and The Under Presents by Tender Claws 

    "An actor takes the role of Prospero – in my case it was the very talented Terence Leclere – guiding proceedings by reciting the story, advancing the scenes and most importantly, guiding the group to enact various roles and bring the narrative to life"

    "Think of the host as a type of dungeon master that can summon objects, transport the players to new locations or weave a story together. We became the pieces that made his tale a reality."

    Eye on Immersive:

    Terence Leclere [...] bring[s] your attention on yourself and how you feel, readying you for what is to come.

    "Bringing Immersive Home: An Exclusive Interview with the Mind Behind Metaforyou";
    "Terence Leclere disguising the mesmerizing level of vulnerability in his eyes with a façade of leading-man bravado";
    A recollection through the immersive Tension Experience featuring Terence

    Broadway World:
    "tall" "oversexed" "party boy"

    The Verge:
    Terence featured in an article about immersive interactive storytelling in music festivals

    Stage Raw:
    chilling, climactic”, “otherworldly

    LA Weekly:
    mordantly hilarious”, “a soulful standout

    gifted”, “hilarious”, “totally owning the role

    Hollywood Fringe:
    "Of note, I could have stared into the Anthony Perkins-like glare of Terence Leclere all night long."

    "fully present", "excellent"

    "hilarious and memorable"; "Terence Leclere conveys a perfectly discerning delicacy and empathic angst…” & “Leclere also has a weird, but ultimately compelling Dan Aykroyd kind of vibe that we really dig."

    "pricelessly funny"

    The Huffington Post:
    "I can see his courage... as he stands on the stage, speaking a truth that might seem on the surface embarrassing..., but under the embarrassment, is the story of connection and longing for shared experience. That’s what his story was about: how, inside our solitary hearts, we all share in each other’s shame and pleasure, pain and joy."

    A.V. Club:
    "painfully cute"

    "Leclere is so convincing as the sexy German that I had to stay after the performance to verify that he is indeed a New Yorker and not auf Deutchland"

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  • The TEDx immersive experience

    Terence delves deep into the idea that the concept of “immersive” begins in the mind of the perceiver,

    and that it is truly all about giving people permission to be present, and a chance to connect through their senses to their {imaginary} reality.

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    TL on the Socials

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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