the calm

he wrote his morning pages: there's a lot on my mind. rather than perfect i'll settle for true. i 

am feeling a lot letting these feelings pass through. popping the cork causing this bottleneck, this stuffiness, this feeling of gotta do this or that. what if it all drops. what if it all just falls and like leaves their time is done. they are someone else's beauty to behold now, but for the tree a dream either realized or just lived as long as it was intended to live. 

and then what if that's it. and then there's no more. and then what comes after; a pause a reflection a moment of calm. true releaf then it's infinity. that moment lingers and it is familiar because it is the same moment each time it comes. it does not hold the nueances of happiness joy and the other seeked for states. it is always silence after something. it is always 'that's it' or 'that's all i got' it is true peace. and however this comes across becomes a true reflection for others. in an instant all knows this feeling and it is communicated virally cells erupting the big bang part deux over and over and just as quickly it passes and goes. where does it go.. it is us who leave it; off to the next task to seek. the seeking is good, it made me write this. the silence will always be there no matter how much seeking occurs. the silence is the canvas. the peace is the very frame and structure and platform the entire thing is built on.