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Start here: from the writer:

I’m not a writer. I won’t pretend to be.

I haven’t ever blogged per se, other than past social posts i wrotes and journal entries and iPhone Notes.

These will be more like esoteric ramblings and collections of thoughts and ideas that read more like clues to an ARG.

To begin, and before I blog anew and share my morning pages at sunup, the aforementioned past lost posts will be what's gathered and brought into this space. Maybe even pictures with those posts perhaps if that's the case, with some added meta context to help make myself clear, as clear as I can make myself while not in person with you.

I can’t promise all or any of these will be intelligible or make any sense at all or be redundant and over explainy. I'm grateful for your eyes/ears/senses present to receive what content is buried in here. I’m a dog or a squirrel burrying nuts, and I valued them enough to hide them here so well done, here they are for you if you dig.

And so for now, the orange cones are set, the wet paint dries, the writer tries, the reader cries, the past imperfect too does dies.


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