Acting is the key to building your own immersive experience

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How do I know? I’ve been doing it for the past 30+ years

I just didn’t even realize I was doing it

It’s not for effect or results, unless you want them. You do have agency in this immersive experiential story

It’s more about just recognizing that it is all here

Happening for You

This is it.

The tools taught to actors about story, relationships, givens, these are all tools that can be used in and for life

And do often appear in many self-help guru techniques

Acting, in this sense, is not an art form of “presenting,” it’s the art of being “present” to the reality you are living in, moment to moment

The closest thing we have to the art of being

So this is a praise to all who dedicated their lives to this art; it is so much more than auditioning for those who oftentimes don’t even understand this, for gigs that don't even begin to tap this, it is the ongoing quest to learn more about humanity

And ourselves

And perhaps these acting techniques in the future will be known as what they truly can be

Instructions on how to be, in this (or any) reality