immersive means mindfullness

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I had the pleasure of presenting a talk recently about immersive at a health and wellness virtual summit 🙌🎙️ 💻 💡

Sharing my thoughts and ideas on how immersive experiences converge with mindfulness is a passion of mine ❤️‍🔥

The rising popularity of immersive experiences to me suggests a subtle societal shift in people’s perceptions of their existence. An awakening.

Rather than see “immersive” as a ubiquitous buzzword, I see it as a call for people finding new ways to self realize, and opportunities for them to do so in their everyday lives and in imagined realities. 🌟

People are seeking permission to be present, drawn to the awareness of transcending from one reality to another.

And by doing so, sometimes getting chances to feel seen and accepted; a welcoming feeling desperately needed in our world.

All of this is the power of the ineffable mindfulness of immersion.. hidden in each and every immersive experience.

Go now and seek them out!

Your story continues.. #️⃣✨


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