Easter eggs

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There's always a theme to all this stuff.the stars tied together into constellation

oh look, a bear, scales, a belt
It's alway the same theme with all of the immersive stuff i do
and it's all summed up in these posts of easters past



  At some point
  I decided what religions m͙eant to me
  I always loved all things holy

  The ce͙remonies
  The communities

  In whatever way it started out for you
  Whether trust rings t͙rue
  Or a “perhaps, we’ll see”
  To me Easter is a͙ll about discovery

  Its story is one of death and rebirth
which I f͙ind I experience almost  everyday

  In my o͙wn way

  In each decision I make

  a breath is taken

  An inspiration

  Then the task done

  or r͙un its course

  Mini arcs complete to celestial applause

  My͙ life these days is consumed with the mechanics of existing in moment to  moment realities
  Easter eggs, hidden in plain sight, are particularly what interests me
  And again, for me, the biggest o͙ne pertaining to this holiday
  is in the Hallelujah Chorus:

  A song about awakening
  (I believe it to be) ;

  The silent pause right before the end
  Hails all of ou͙r infinity ♾

  Happy holydays everyone,
  I love you all

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They're all stories right?
  Rising up again from the dead
And the bunnies, and the hidden Easter eggs
  How about they're all about you?
  How about that's what anyone and everyone is going on and on about
  Regardless of how the story is told
  Or whatever scavenger hunt is played
 Or where whatever ideas are displayed
How about they're all about
  Reading this

  That's how much you are loved

  Books and bibles and words and holidays from all around are all for you
  To apply to your life
  To learn how to rise up again after the ultimate lows
  To seek again your childlike joy hidden as eggs with neon glow

  Let that be the true Easter Egg you find:
  This world you created and perceive through your mind

  Look how much you are loved in return
  Through all of these stories, events and chances to learn
 🐰✨🐣about you

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